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Lindsay Lanzillotta - Producer, Distributor - Indie Film & Cracking the Distribution Nut

December 28, 2020

For indie filmmakers, nothing is more heartbreaking than pouring your soul into a film that no one sees. Producer Lindsay Lanzilotta has worked on films that made it to Sundance, garnered Film Independent noms, and opened SXSW. She knows how much work it takes. Now, She’s working on a new avenue to help filmmakers reach audiences. We’ll talk about indie film producing and cracking the distribution nut.

We talk about Lindsay's films The Vicious Kind, and The Invitation. Her work with The Film Arcade, and Carousel. Films like The Peanut Butter Falcon, filmmakers like Karyn Kusama, and Naomi McDougall Jones self-distribution strategy for her film, Bite Me. We also talk about previous Hearthside Salon episodes with festival programmer Drea Clark and with archeologist Sarah Yeomans and historian Rob Latimer on the future of story post-pandemic. 

As always, more information on our workshops and services is at PageCraftWriting.com. 

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