Hearthside Salons with PageCraftWriting

Jessica Burgess, JT Schindler - Filmmakers - Fatima: women’s stories/male gaze

February 1, 2021

For some the pandemic has been a time of creative output and inspiration. But for indie filmmakers, all the usual obstacles remain and then some. Producers Jessica Burgess and JT Schindler talk with us about their short film, Fatima, which tells the tale of an ancient warrior who leaves her village to seek a life of freedom in the desert. As they dig into fundraising and get set to shoot, we’ll talk about how indie film production looks now. 

Fatima's Seed&Spark campaign, Fatima's Instagram is @fatimaofthedesert, Fatima's Facebook page, and Fatima's twitter is @forbiddenfatima. 

We talk about Brackish DJ, From the Heart Productions, our earlier HS episode with distributor Lindsay Lanzillotta, and Supposable Production's short film Washed Away

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