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Samantha Pestana-Markey - Filmmaker, Costume Designer - “I’m [Not] OK”

June 11, 2021

Filmmaker Samantha Pestana-Markey grew up with a passion for texture and story. As a queer storyteller, they're driven to share a different point of view from the heteronormative stories dominating the airwaves. Their autobiographical/fiction short film, I’m [Not] OK, deals with the complex relationships between mothers and daughters, as well as first love between two queer high schoolers. They also share about how their work in costume design fills in story and about getting to work with the likes of Bruce Campbell. 

Note: there are unbleeped swear words in this episode.

Find Samantha on Social Media:

Instagram: @documenting_samantha

Instagram for the film: @imnotokayfilm

FB for the film: @imnotokaymovie


@Samantha Markey 


The film's trailer.

And things we talk about including films they've designed for: Black Friday, with Bruce Campbell, and The Mothership, with Halle Berry

And other stuff we like: My Chemical Romance which inspired their film's title, and of course the chance to impress Sir Patrick Stewart

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