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Rob Latimer - Mental Performance Consultant - Hunter, Gatherer, Accountant, Nurse: the psychology of stress and mental performance in the modern world

May 29, 2020

As we collectively face a global pandemic, many people are experiencing extremely high levels of chronic stress in their lives brought about by uncertainty and change. Even under normal circumstances, our response to stress often prevents us from performing at our best. But since stress is such a universal part of the human experience, why is that the case? The short answer is because the way we respond to stress is suited for a very different type of stress than we usually face in the modern world. Join us as Rob Latimer, discusses the historical, biological, and psychological dimensions of the human stress response and provides practical instruction on several different techniques we can use to reduce and manage its negative effects.

We talk about Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

We also talk about Valerie Hager's thoughts about empathy for strangers

And Heidi Harris' thoughts on communication and conflict

You can improve your own performance working with Rob

and follow his photography too

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