Hearthside Salons with PageCraftWriting

Paul Goodenough - Writer/Producer/Eco-entrepreneur - Freaks, Heroes, and Futureshift

August 3, 2020

Paul’s life is driven by “projects of worth.” This double Emmy-nominated writer and producer delivers projects for things like BBC, Channel 4, Nickelodeon but he’s also a passionate comic book collector and creator with The Chimeran, featuring a future where humanity's mass-production needs are served by a purpose bred race. Now he’s helping save the world with a green new initiative poised for a major shift in storytelling and engagement. 


Paul and I talk about:

The World Land Trust


Extinction Rebellion

The concept of Rewilding land both in Europe and in the UK in particular with Knepp Estate (see for yourself at Knepp Safaris with Charlie and Isabella)

The viral Little Mo comic

Paul's company Aerian

Boyans Slat and Ocean Cleanup

And of course, Eastenders

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