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Monia Ayachi - Actor/Director/Producer/Singer/Songwriter - Between worlds, the artist belongs to all worlds

July 14, 2020

Monia Ayachi understands being between worlds. This Belgian-Tunisian actress, singer, writer grew up in Brussels working in English, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. She moved to LA chasing a dream like so many of us, and landed recurring roles on Days of our Lives and General Hospital. She’s best known as Anais Fontaine in Wolfenstein Youngblood. Her work as a writer/director challenges cultural, religious, gender, and generational stereotypes and invites us to open our eyes.

For more on Monia's work, you can visit her site, Her IMDB, or her Vimeo

She's on Instagram @moniaayachi

Articles on her include two on Wolfenstein Youngblood, (the second one) and a Voyage LA profile.

Here's more on Wolfenstein Youngblood

Here's more on her films: Ignofear and For the Love of Hate

And here's how we met: some music videos. She's a bad ass ringleader who won't take her friend's acceptance of abuse, she's an intergalactic explorer, and she's a Victorian lady in a difficult relationship.  


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