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Michael Mack - Writer, Actor, Director - Euripides, Cervantes, Jim Crow

June 27, 2020

Beside breaking boundaries as the first black Romulan in Star Trek history, Michael Mack led a life of service and craft. From a family with preacher roots, Michael grew up ministering to the less fortunate. When he returned to the DC area he became renowned for his work with at-risk youth in communities of color. His method was using theatre training to allow kids access to speak their truths. He talks about theatre from the ancient Greeks onward as social policy and how many historical atrocities were not based in difference but in sameness. He shares how the Man of La Mancha unlocks the central truth: the way forward is not to think of life as it is but life as it should be. 

Michael discusses Septimius Severus, the first African senator in Rome, in this "family portrait"

Michael discusses the film Becket as an example of the Saxons versus the Normans

Michael recommends the book Racism: A Short History

We discuss his favorite teaching tool: Don Quixote/The Man Of La Mancha, book and film

Michael's film about MLK: The Drum Major

The influence of the Roots miniseries

Trisha Nelson's Black stories essential viewing lists articles one and two

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