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Lynn Ferguson - Storyteller, Writer - The Story Is The Connection

June 4, 2021

Since there have been humans living together in groups there has been story. It’s how we understand the world around us and our place in it. Most importantly, according to Lynn Ferguson, it’s how we connect. As a writer and long-time story coach, Lynn is an expert in making our stories resonate with those who hear them. As an actor and hilarious force of nature, she’s accumulated her fair share of Hollywood tales. We’ll talk BBC, Chicken Run, and how to survive and thrive as a Scot in LA shepherding storytellers.


A note to listeners, there are unbeeped swear words in this episode. 

You can find more about Lynn's classes at You Tell Yours

More about Lynn herself here and here.  

Her illustrious twitter @lynnfergy.

We talk about Sam Shaber's IVFU podcast as well as my own live story telling event thanks to Lynn's coaching. 

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