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Katy Haber - Film Executive - Real Riches: Not Your Average Charity Work

March 11, 2021

It’s hard to know where to begin when talking about a legend. Or to a legend. British production executive Katy Haber has an MBE from the Queen; she’s a founding member of BAFTA; she worked with Sam Peckinpah on eight of his films; and she was instrumental in a little film called Blade Runner. Not enough? Her family fled the Nazis, and in the middle of great success here in LA, Katy took a left turn in her career and became the Executive Director of an innovative homeless shelter on Skid Row, called The Dome Village, creating some amazing charity and outreach programs including The Compton Cricket Club. Her life deserves a movie of its own. I talk with her about life, movies, and real family.

In our third conversation, Katy talks about the non-profit work that became her passion, using her good fortune to help others. 

We talk about the LA Riots, The Dome Village, Cricket, Ted Hayes, BAFTA, Cricket Outta Compton, Katy's ted Talk, the Compton Cricket Club, and InnerCity Shakespeare

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