Hearthside Salons with PageCraftWriting

Josh Greenberg - Writer - Tales from the Writers Room

August 31, 2020

Writer Josh Greenberg was always the funniest guy in the room. I know, I was there. He grew up in Northern California, moved to LA, and parlayed his observational skills into a consistent, growing writing career, being staffed on multiple network shows. We’ll talk about what it takes to be a comedy writer and what’s next for Hollywood after quarantine.

Josh and I talk about comedy favorites like:

The Clue Movie

What We Do In the Shadows

French Kiss

Schitt's Creek

Anything from Christopher Guest

And Airplane

Then there's Alex Trebek saying "Genre"

Billy Joel 

and making fun of the absurd lyrics of Piano Man

And our own Demystifying the Writers Room workshop with Emmy winner Liz Hara.

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