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Jeff Rona - Composer - Storytelling in Music: the Art and Tech of a Film Score

October 29, 2020

Composer Jeff Rona has always been curious about what moves people. His curiosity served him well. He’s got a list of film, TV, and video game credits a mile long. He’s scored projects for names like Spielberg, Altman, Soderbergh. He composed music for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Heavily involved in music technology his innovations have touched your life if ways you don’t know. We’ll talk about the intersection of creativity and technology and how music creates emotion.

Jeff and I talk about Lisa Gerrard and Dead Can Dance. More specifically  in the Gladiator score

The power of the music in Hitchcock's Psycho to influence the film's rating. 

Jeff's score for my short film, Washed Away.

And all of Jeff's music including his solo projects and new album, Protector

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