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Ghizal Hasan - Writer, Sportscaster - Eye on the Curveball

August 3, 2021

What do philosophy and comedy have to do with baseball? For writer Ghizal Hasan, they’re links on his circuitous path to becoming a popular a play-by-play sports caster. We’ll talk about being a first-generation American, the importance of college radio, wonder if Greta Gerwig is a fan of Tiger Trap.

For more from Ghizal, visit his site: ghizalhasan.com

Twitter & Insta: @GhizalHasan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBroadcastersTale

We talk about so many things from Wildwood, New Jersey, to our formative years at KUCI. Influences like UCLA's Linda Voorhees, Spike Lee's film diary of Malcolm X, David Chase and the Sopranos, TV legend James Garner, the amazing TedxTalk by Bomani Jones on the freedom of structure, Supernaut - the Nine Inch Nails song I should have played that time, the great Lew Hunter and our episode with his collaborator Meg Gifford, indie legends Tiger Trap, and some helpful thoughts for screenwriters on the importance of transitions

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