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Carla Renata - Actress, Singer, The Curvy Critic - Listen For What’s Good

July 9, 2021

Carla Renata grew up with a passion for the stage and voice to match that landed her on Broadway with the likes of Queen and Matthew Broderick. She parlayed her insider understanding of story and her love of movies into a second career as The Curvy Critic. We talk about critiquing film, changing minds in the room, and the importance of inclusion in what stories are being told now. 

You can find Carla @thecurvycritic and on her website.

We talk about her custom signage from Etched on Wood, director Julie Taymor and the Lion King, Queen, Turner Classic Movies, the film Miss Juneteenth, the novel Americanah, Bobby Cannavale, Nicole Beharie, the film Farewell Amor by Ekwa Msangi.

We also reference Carla's work on Roger Ebert's site, earlier Hearthside episodes with writer Liz Hara and with director Wanjiru Njendu,

And this LA Times article she's part of on inclusion and diversity in the world of film criticism. 

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